Experience an authentic escape game!

Come play our escape game to experience an authentic, interactive form of entertainment. Our real-life escape games are designed for small groups of people, 4-10 individuals.

Your goal is simple: work together as a team, testing your wits and skills, to escape from a locked train. Our train cars are filled with hidden clues and cryptic puzzles.

See if you and your team have what it takes to get through the locked door. Will you be able to think creatively and work together to escape before it’s too late? It’s great fun for friends, families, corporate teams, or church groups.

Located in downtown Bowling Green KY! Book today and see if you can escape from the train in under 60 minutes.

  • Caboose Crash Escape Room
    Caboose Crash
    The little red caboose is traveling through Plum Springs at a reckless speed. As it passes over the Green River Bridge, the aging timbers began to crumble under the train’s force. Suddenly, the caboose is hurled loose from the train and now travels alone through Bowling Green. Can your group stop the caboose before it crashes into the sleepy town?
    More Info and Booking Here
  • Mercy Train Escape Room
    Mercy Train
    Deep in a battle zone, you and other members of the medical staff have been captured and brought on board an army hospital ward railcar. Your team thinks they are here to care for the severely injured American heroes.  As you’re locked away you hear the guard say “1 hour before we arrive at the next stop.” You must escape!  There seems no chance of survival, or is there?More Info and Booking Here


What is an escape game?

The Escape Game at the RailPark is an adventurous and immersive entertainment activity designed for groups of people. You will work together as a team to escape from a locked train care in under 60 minutes. Getting through the locked train car door will require finding clues, solving puzzles, and working together. A staff member monitors the entire game.

Escape Games at the RailPark are a great activity for groups small and large. Any occasions including or Birthdays, Anniversaries, Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties, Date Night, Corporate Team Building Events and anyone else looking for something fun to do.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • Who should play?Tourists or visitors just passing through
    Groups of friends or family for a fun night out
    Companies and Organizations looking for Team Building experiences
    Gamers that want a real-life adventure
    Date Nights
    Anyone looking for something fun to do
  • How can I purchase tickets?Select a game above and use our Bookeo form to reserve your game.
  • Are we really going to be locked in a room?Yes and No. For your safety, an emergency exit and staff member is always available.
  • Is there and age limit?Anyone can play! However, if you are under 14 years of age, you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Players age 14 to 17 can participate alone with a waiver signed by a parent or guardian.
  • When should I arrive?Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your booking. We do have to keep a tight schedule, so if you arrive late you may not receive the full 60 minutes in your room.
  • How long is each game?Each game is designed for one hour of intense fun! Plan to spend 15 minutes prior to each game preparing and briefing, and 15 minutes after each game to debrief and take photos.
  • Do I need to wear anything special?Whatever you’re comfortable in should be fine, just keep in mind that you will be standing, bending and stretching.
  • Is this going to be scary?No. An escape adventure is exhilarating and exciting but not scary.
  • Do I need special training or education?No, you just need your curiosity, general knowledge and creativity.
  • Will I be playing with people I don’t know?Unless you purchase all the tickets for the time slot you prefer, you could be joined by additional players.
  • I only want to play with friends / family / co-workers.We offer a private escape train experience for your group.
    Caboose Crash – Up to 8 for a fixed price of $160.
    Use promo code PrivateCaboose when booking.
    Mercy Train – Up to 12 for a fixed price of $240.
    Use promo code PrivateMercy when booking.
  • How far in advance should I book?As early as possible, if you would like a specific time. If you would like a session outside our normal operating hours, please email with your request to info@historicrailpark.com
  • What about church groups?Church groups can contact info@historicrailpark.com for special scheduling.
  • Can you accommodate large parties or corporate events?Yes, we accommodate large parties and corporate groups frequently, and rooms can be reserved at historicrailparkescapegame.com. If you would like help booking your large group event or would like to rent out our facility at a premium, please email us at info@historicrailpark.com to receive a custom quote.
  • Do you offer refunds?All of our games are non-refundable. However, we can reschedule your game if you contact us at least 24 hours prior to your game start time.