Scavenger Hunt


Download a PDF or WORD version.

As you tour the museum, try to find the answers to the questions.

1. What was Owney?

2. What Supreme Court justice worked on a railroad dining car?

3. What was the amount of the Sam Travis’ first paycheck on the L & N Railroad?

4. How much was the fare for the blacks riding the train?

5. What is “The Y” and for what was it used?

6. When did the porter sleep?

7. What breakfast food was developed by the railroad?

8. What was the L & N’s cook’s biggest fear?

9. What were two famous foods advertised on the L & N dining car?

10. What was the engineer’s most important tool?

11. What kind of signal did the conductor used to have a train backup?

12. What did the son of Abraham Lincoln do?

13. How long did it take to catch Andrew’s Raiders?

14. What purpose did Bowling Green serve the Confederacy during a portion of the Civil War?

15. Who was awarded the very first Army Medal of Honor and how old was he?